Saturday, June 29, 2002

Wascally wabbit.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Diplomatic incident in Thailand over Philadelphia alt-weekly ad. (via Obscure Store)

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Hey: I warned you I was going to be busy towards the end of this month. Alas, the co-bloggers appear to have disappeared. But some quick links from loyal readers, since I haven't even read Instapundit in close to a week, or watched any television since Friday's World Cup loss.
New Smarter Harper's Index

Religious right's use of "intelligent design" as wedge to teach creationism

Expose' of the Discovery Institute

Judge Posner on Colorado River abstention

Giant ITC case decided

In the everything/nothing category, I'm running out of landmarks to pretend that I'm not a grownup: I was bar mitzvahed, quoted in the New York Times, got a job on my own, bought a stereo, gave a graduation speech, was flown to a job interview, thanked in book acknowledgements, got published, bought furniture, participated in a 401(k) plan, was named as a defendant in a lawsuit, got married, bought a refrigerator, went gambling, got divorced, turned 30, received a boom-year bonus larger than my parents' combined annual salary, purchased stock, argued in front of an appellate panel in a reported decision, and now after over a dozen years of dorm-living and renting, I own real estate. And then quoted in the New York Times a second time. Does this make me a grown-up now?

At least I still don't own an umbrella. Or, as I learned much to my embarrassment Saturday after scraping my elbow, any band-aids.

In nine days, I'll be as old as Darryl Kile was when he died Saturday. Joe Sheehan, who has the same memories of Thurman Munson that I do, already expressed thoughts on the subject that aren't materially different than mine. And did I mention he's the best daily baseball columnist in the nation?